Plans for the future

Dear friends and family,

Recently we have taken some time to process and pray through what is next for our family.  We know many of you have been wondering, and so have we!  The Lord has been slowly revealing His plans as we have journeyed across America and back.  We wanted to communicate, as best we can, what God has revealed and what our prayer requests are for this next transition.

First, however, we would like to thank all of you who have supported our ministry financially.  We literally could not have done it the past year without those of you who have listened to the Spirit and responded with giving to Mustard Seed Ministries.  We have expressed from the very beginning that the length and duration of this ministry was open-ended, yet gave the time frame of one year on the road.  We know that many of you anticipated supporting us for a specific and fixed period of time (June ‘08 to June ‘09).  We also believe that the Lord is calling us into full-time ministry locally, one that will rely solely on the donations of others, and continued support will be needed.   One of the deep lessons the Lord has taught us out here on the roads of America is that we have nothing to worry about, God will (and has abundantly) provide for anything we may need.  We have learned to live with little, and through that, the Lord has blessed us abundantly.

Our time of traveling throughout the United States is coming to an end, but as for our “ministry”, it is just the beginning.  God has kept to the initial estimated timeframe of one year of traveling that He laid on our hearts from the very beginning.  He has also helped direct our focus and prayers by keeping our house for us in Hubbard, OR (it really is His house).  It is obvious that the Lord is bringing us back to Baines Boulevard.  We will return to Hubbard in late June, 09.

The Lord has confirmed in our hearts the desire to rest upon our return.  The past year has been a wonderful time of learning, yet, as you could imagine, has also been a time of stretching, to say the least.  We will need time to adjust to life in a “stationary” home, as well as time to rest in Him and continue to glean the things He is revealing to us.

As we process all that we have seen while traveling, trusting in Him, meeting new people, participating in different ministries to the poor and marginalized, and learning how to love, we hear God asking us to put all these things into action in our own neighborhood and community.  As many of you know, Hubbard is a quaint little town of about 2500 pop., with a unique mix of Russian Orthodox, migrant workers from Mexico, farmers, many poor-working class, and a new subdivision that houses many young white families.  All of this said; we know this little town needs Jesus, just like any town in the U.S.

Our heart is to put many of the things we have learned over the past few years into action in our little home town of Hubbard.   We will continue to call our ministry “Mustard Seed Ministries” and we will continue to do simple acts of love, attempting, the best we can, to love the way Christ did with specific emphasis on the poor and marginalized.  We don’t want to “reinvent the wheel”, so we plan to connect with ministries and churches in the Hubbard area and partner with them.   Our desire is to create a sense of community in the town where believers and non-believers can share life together and the Spirit of God can be revealed to everyone.

By the end of summer, 2009, we would like to begin laying a framework for tangible ministry amongst the poor in our community with the following outreaches:

I. MERCY MINISTRY: A “Sharing Shack” inside of our garage where we take donations of new and slightly used clothing as well as non-perishable food items.  The Sharing Shack will be a place where once a week people from the community can come and get much needed food and clothing for free.

II. EVANGELISM: A food sharing time at the local park where kids and adults from the community can come and receive a free meal once a week as well as be prayed for and receive the gospel.

III. DISCIPLESHIP: Beginning with a prayer meeting time once a week, we hope that this will blossom into multiple small groups from members of the community seeking discipleship.

These are three simple ideas that the Lord has laid on our hearts as a beginning to effective ministry in our community.  If you would like to continue supporting Mustard Seed Ministries, we will still be with Isaiah’s Stump, and will continue to relying solely on donations from friends and family.  So if the Spirit leads you to continued giving, it is much appreciated.

Prayer is vital to this ministry and we covet them.  Here is a list of a few of the things you could be praying for us:

  • That we continue to seek the face of Jesus every day.
  • That the transition from traveling will be smooth.
  • That the Lord surrounds us with key people who will both physically help us, as well as provide a hedge of spiritual protection through prayer.
  • That the Lord will continue to reveal His plans for this ministry in Hubbard with ever increasing detail.


Andy and Serenity Coulombe


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