He is Risen!!

And you all say…. “He is risen indeed!”

We are so happy to celebrate Easter with some friends, the Leonis, we met back in August as we traveled through the Grand Tetons.  We arrived here yesterday afternoon and have had a blast reconnecting and sharing many stories.  As I type Andy is putting the kids down after a long day of playing hard with their little friend Wyatt.  We ended the day by making Resurrection cookies (if you are wondering what that is, just ask- way cool).  Tomorrow we will be going to church with them and then joining their family for festivities, Easter egg hunts and lots of food.

I feel the need to update you all with something.  But honestly, it has been pretty slow with “ministry”.  We have taken a lot of time to process and pray through our return home.  God has been good to give us this as we prepare to do our last blasts through Las Vegas and San Francisco, with a stop at our friends in Fresno for a couple weeks in between.  Those cities should be packed with interesting events, so please be praying that our hearts would be focused on the present, even as we draw closer to home.

I have had quite a few times to meditate on what Easter is to me as a follower of Christ.  It is intense, personal, and intimate.  For some reason, this Easter I have seen Jesus looking at me, like he did with Peter after the cock crowed and as Peter denied Him for the third time.  It is not a look of disgust, contempt, condemnation, but of just knowing me.  He knows me, knows the horrible things I am capable of and still chose to give me His Life.  He looks at me in love, forgiveness, and understanding.  For me that brings conviction, passion and an undying love for Him.  When He looks at me, I feel small but fully known and somehow triumphant.  Christ crucified has finished it for us and we have won!  Now that is something to celebrate!

I pray that you all are blessed with an awesome moment with Jesus as we celebrate the Passion of the Christ!


One Response

  1. So true and to the point! We are happy you are with Friends this Easter!
    Your house is just waiting for you! Ha!

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