The Duty of Delight

There is a part of me that feels like only writing about the interesting things in this ministry.  The food sharing times, the creative ministries we connect with, our encounters with God in all of this.  The truth is, most of our days are filled with usual things of life.  Washing clothes, washing dishes, cleaning, caring for the kids, giving Eva a nap, school for Avery and Ally, traveling, finding vegetable oil, or fixing the RV.  Our life can be consumed by mundane activities, so much that does not show, that does not give someone a feeling of accomplishment.  Many times we look back on the past week of ministry and ask ourselves what good we really did.  Dorthy Day called this “the Duty of Delight.”  We have a duty to delight in the smallness of things, the phrase is a reminder to be mindful of seeking God in all things and circumstances.  Serenity and I have wanted transparency to be one of the center pieces behind what we do.  Although many of you want to read about the extraordinary, most of our life on the road is pretty ordinary.  Serenity has mentioned that love is an action, you have to practice it.  The same can be said about joy, it is an action.  To delight in the mundane, to find joy in the smallness of things, is something that needs to be practiced.  On this trip we have had plenty of time to practice the mundane.


One Response

  1. delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart!!

    psalm 37:4

    we love your delightful, mundane life!! and are incredibly blessed by the desires of your heart being fulfilled over and over again…

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