Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (just kidding)

There have been a few cities where we have done A LOT of walking.  We will never take the privilege of a vehicle of transportation at our fingertips for granted again! Las Vegas has been one of those cities.  We are all well exercised and sleeping well.  Walking not only has given us strong legs, it has given us a new perspective.


Have you ever tried walking everywhere you needed to go and/or relied on public transportation?  Now add 3 kids to the mix.  It really is a whole new world.  You find the closest grocery store, the closest pharmacy, etc.  You always bring snacks.  You are constantly grabbing the children and holding their hands way above their heads as you walk briskly through crowds of people.  You make sure NOT to forget anything on the list of “to dos”.  Your life suddenly becomes a little more organized and purposeful.

There is a lot you see when you walk everywhere, at least a lot more than if you happen to have the lovely vehicle privilege.  Las Vegas is quite a site for sore eyes, possibly making them a little more sore.  Garbage is thrown everywhere, advertisements for strip clubs and “available women” are literally everywhere with virtually no discretion, drug deals take place on the corners and there is a large growing homeless population.  It seems there are few rules or guidelines to this place even though police are seen everywhere we go.  We have tried to find the positive points to this city, but man, we are seeing how much this place needs Jesus.


Riding the bus and walking is a tiring way of life but it has given us a glimpse into a less priviledged culture.  We often get weird looks when we pile into a bus as a young white family with 3 young kids.  We are usually the minority but quickly accepted.  In fact, yesterday as we sat on the bus, a lady came up to me and asked us where we were from and that she remembered riding the same bus with us the other day.  We are seen and noticed.  Now, our prayer is that we would be seen and noticed because we shine the Light of Jesus.

As I write I am watching a crack deal go down at this very moment.  Please pray with us, not only for the city of Las Vegas, but for the many, many pockets of America who need Hope, Forgiveness, a fresh new perspective, and a loving Savior.


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  1. Yes, Sins of the Flesh are not hidden in Las Vegas. I love the architecture though and the amazing creativity. A lot of money was spent on beauty there. One of my all time favorite creations built, just for Beauty, is the lake at the Bellagio! It brought both Barb and I to tears when the music played and the fountains soared. We sat at the resaurant overlooking the lake and took our time at the table. The fountains came on 3 times.
    We got a teensy feel of how it must have been when God created things here on earth and said “it was Good”
    ( beautiful).
    He did it just for the creative fun of it.

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