Time is short in Frisco

Our time in San Francisco has been amazing!  We feel blessed with this being our last city.  Unfortunately, because of the lack of parking accessibility in the downtown area our time is being shortened.  We have been parked on the street since yesterday and our spot, being right across the street from the Grace Healing Home, is perfect.  However, because we can’t find a place to plug in and park for an extended amount of time, we will be leaving tomorrow.  We know in our hearts we will be back here someday.  The connections that we have made with The Homeless Church are so significant; there is much to glean from these saints.  Our next post will be all about our time here.

Please pray for us as we travel North to see more of Andy’s side of the family near Eureka, CA and then eventually land in Central Point, OR to reconnect with Andy’s parents for a couple weeks.  We are looking forward to ministering in a familiar town (Medford and Central Point) and working with a familiar church body (Community Bible Church).  CBC has been a faithful body of believers that continue to follow us and support our journey across the States.  We will be sharing stories, pictures, things we have learned and some understanding of what God wants to do with us next on June 7 @ 9-10:15am and 10:45-noon at Community Bible Church in Central Point.  We plan to be back in Hubbard, OR (in our own house!) by June 30, after we take some time to reconnect with my side of the family.

One man we met yesterday:

Roger:  We met Roger at a church that had a food sharing time.  He was a thin man with big huge headphones around his neck that kept the noise out.  He didn’t want music, just quiet.  After talking with him for a little while, he asked Andy, “So, who are you guys anyways?  People in San Francisco aren’t this happy!”  I guess he got us on a good day but it opened up some more conversation.  We found out he has struggled with depression, anorexia, and homosexuality.  Most likely these things have taken him to the streets at one point or another; at the moment he has a roof over his head.  Roger knows Jesus, is a kind man, and wants to find freedom from these struggles.  Freedom is in Christ but this revelation must come from the Holy Spirit and the decision is ultimately Roger’s.  Please pray for more confidence in the power of Christ in him and courage to believe he is worth it.


One Response

  1. Your stories are amazing!!! Think of all you have learned on this journey. I have excitement, joy and anticipation in my heart as I read “we will be in Central Point.” We are so excited to see you, hear you and even help you look for veggie oil!!!
    We love you, see you soon.


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