Back in Oregon

We just made it to Central Point, OR this afternoon!  Big Buster is parked on the side yard of Andy’s parents house and we have nestled into the idea of being in familiar stomping grounds.  It is a bit surreal, I think I am still in shock that we are back in Oregon.  Mustard Seed Ministry has made it all the way around the States!

The kids are in heaven, playing in their regular spots at Gramma and Panka’s (that is Grampa) house.  Andy and I are enjoying being with people who know us, love us and love our kids.

While we are here, we will be connecting with the Rescue Mission in Medford, connecting with community members who are also reaching out to the poor in this area, and then working with the Community Bible Church family.

Our time in Central Point will last until June 11.  We will be speaking and sharing at 9-10:15am and 10:45-noon on June 7 @ Community Bible Church.  If you live in the southern Oregon area and want to say hi and/or hear some of our story, please come!!

We covet your prayers as we transition and continue to minister as God leads!


3 Responses

  1. must feel amazing! so happy for you guys 🙂

  2. Welcome home! We are so glad you’re all back. 🙂

  3. I knew it, I knew I could smell that wonderful Coulombe family smell, of sweetness and goodness and all of God’s glory, all the way up here in the Burg! Can’t WAIT to hug you VERY soon! Love you.

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