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This weekend was our first opportunity to share our stories and what we have learned at one of the home churches (Community Bible Church) who have followed us and supported us on this journey.  Summing up our year of traveling and ministering around the States into one hour was a challenge but we were very happy with how it turned out. Many significant stories and Truths were communicated and were received well by CBC.  Ultimately, we were available for the Lord to use us and I have to believe He did.  For Andy and I, it was helpful and healing to put our thoughts and memories together.  Again, we are amazed at how much the Lord has taught us and brought us through in 3 years!

Before we left and as we have traveled, many folks have asked us what we are going to do when we return to Oregon.  Over the last few months God’s plans for our family continue to unravel.  We still have our house, our hearts have been stirred for our little community in Hubbard, and we continue to see vision in seeking out the lost and broken by using the tools and revelations He has given us on this journey around the country.  The latest and greatest is that Andy has now applied for a half-time teaching position at Woodburn High School (where he was previously working before we left Oregon).  The position seems promising, the hours are perfect, and it gets him plugged into the community.  Please pray with us as we keep walking through open doors, that we stay focused on Jesus and listen to His voice.

We have also been so encouraged by friends and family back home who are more than willing to help us get back into our home.  Coming home with a huge welcome wagon of people happy to see us is overwhelming and refreshing after traveling the States just as a family.  Please be praying with us that our hearts and minds stay clear as we settle into our house again and that we would be able to take time to rest and enjoy the beginning of this next season.

Details will continue to fall into place as His light is shed on our path.  We are confident of His provision for our family and ministry.  Thank you for joining us in prayer as we continue to run after Him, may you all be encouraged by all that God has done with Mustard Seed Ministries so far!!!


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