Feels like home. . . .

We pulled onto Baines Blvd. in Hubbard at 6:43 tonight.  We have been on the road for 377 days, travelled 16,652 miles, connected with over 65 churches and mercy ministries, pumped well over 3,000 gallons of vegetable oil, and hopefully brought His kingdom with us everywhere we went.  We have witnessed countless miracles, let alone what God has done in our own hearts, have seen lives changed, again, our own as well.  Our friends and family have welcomed us back to this little piece of the world with a loving embrace, and it feels nice – thank you.  Our only prayer is that we can be vessels for our merciful, wonderful, and amazing Lord to continue to use us to impact His kingdom for His glory alone.  Amen.


3 Responses

  1. so happy for you! i hope the next few weeks are restful and relaxing and full of joy.

  2. so glad you all are home safe and sound!! we love ALL 6 of you and wish much rest and re-connecting as you move forward in this season 🙂 ~blessings

  3. Yayy! You are home! HOpe that it is an enjoyable experience,, sleeping in a normal bed.. I also hope that you have a fun experience setting up your house like you want it a second time around.


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