First prayer meeting

Tomorrow, we (Mustard Seed Ministries) will be having the first prayer meeting concerning the next season God has directed us toward.  We have invited a few folks from the Southgate area of Portland (Wilsonville, Canby, Aurora, Hubbard and Woodburn) to join us in prayer, discussion, and listening to what God has spoken to Andy and I about, concerning this new ministry.  We are excited, a little nervous, and anticipating God to show up tomorrow evening.

For all of you who have faithfully followed us along this journey (even during this summer when communication has been scarce) we would love for you to join us in prayer also.  We will cover logistics, vision, question/answer, and open prayer time.  For Andy and I, we ask prayer for clarity of speech, sound minds, and transparency.  The scripture that will be taking some time to meditate on is Isaiah 58.

We also want to thank those of you who have continued to give financially.  We GREATLY appreciate it.  This summer has been a restful and rejuvenating time of growth and we are thankful to those who have remembered us.  Andy has started back into teaching at Woodburn High School, half-time.  I have started Avery and Ally in homeschool (while trying to keep Eva entertained).  Baby is still in utero waiting for her turn (due Oct. 2).  All of us have had time to adjust into this way of life.  We are still figuring out what “normal” is for us at this point and desperately seeking the Lord to keep our minds and hearts out of the rat-race of life in this world.  It is stronger than you may think.

As for this website, we are looking forward to updating more regularly; sharing regular life stories, ministry updates, God appointments, and passages we may be meditating on.

Thank you for praying and we will update you with how the meeting goes tomorrow evening!


2 Responses

  1. Hey guys. I will be there (Dean unfortunately will have to miss this one as he had to be out of town this week on business.) I will call you tomorrow P and finalize plans for the kiddos over here with Bailee. Looking forward to our time together with the Lord. Love, Shelly

    P.S. Lori will be coming with me as well 🙂

  2. looking forward to hearing about your next steps! AND looking forward to seeing pictures of your sweet little baby in Oct!
    Love, Katy.

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