Praise and prayer

We are praising the Lord for the small and big stirrings that we have felt during the last few days.  God is the Great Connector and Networker…we are continuing to find this as Truth!

We have a date set on the calendar for Andy and a friend (who is providing his talents and some materials) to begin working on the food sharing shack in our garage!  Please be praying that finances and extra materials show up for that weekend.  We say “show up” because God literally dumped premium plywood onto the street, in front of our house, that will be used for the sharing shack.  He is sovereign, creative and has a great sense of humor!

We also have the next prayer meeting set for October 6.  Please be praying, in advance, for the right people to come, His voice to be heard, and freedom to reign as we fellowship and pray together for this community.

And last but certainly not least, we are hearing and being encouraged that yes, God has put us here for a REASON!!!  Community members have voiced and are seeing that Hubbard is lacking in services and dedication to help the poor.  Some folks have even specifically prayed for a food pantry of some kind.  If that is not something to be praising Him for, I don’t know what is!  I am amazed and thankful for God to have all the plans laid out.  He DOES know how things are going to work and all he needs is willing workers.


One Response

  1. OH guys, how rad! Just gave me chills hearing about the wood drop-off, funny thing to get chills about eh? But what a detailed amazing God we serve!

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