Article on MSM in HomeLife Magazine

Jason Boyett is a freelance writer and speaker whose writings have appeared in a lot of publications including Relevant Magazine (one of my favorites). We stayed with his family in Amarillo, Texas while on our journey last year and even got the opportunity to speak at his church.  He interviewed us for an article that is coming out in the October issue of HomeLife Magazine, a Southern Baptist publication (not the snake taming sect), but is linked here if you want a sneak peek.


4 Responses

  1. Awesome article! I look forward to hearing stories years from now about people who are doing radical things with their lives because they read it.

  2. WOW! Fabulous article and a perfect description of the amazing love and obedience that our friends exude… I must admit I got a little misty as I read it! And incredibly thankful that your journey led you to our door. I can’t imagine my life without knowing you both. You entered the Kelly’s lives at a time that we needed a breath of fresh air and the reminder that God was on our side 🙂 We’ll know the other side of heaven the many lives that were eternally changed because of your obedience to God’s call.

    Thank you Andy, Serenity, Eva, Avery, and Ally for trusting God so completely! and the new little angel girl, what a life you have waiting for you on the outside… come quickly 🙂

  3. I love it, this article is so beautifully written!!! God has used your lives in such a powerful way! You won’t know until you’re in heaven the harvest which was gathered in heavenly storehouses because of your faithfulness to scatter seeds! Keep on keepin’ on! All for Jesus!

  4. I love this article, it speaks perfectly what I’ve come to know of your heart. Thank you for being an inspiration to my faith.

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