Prayer meeting update

This last Tuesday we held our second meeting to pray, discuss, and intercede for the people of the Southgate area.  Thank you Pastor Craig and Lia for joining us, we are always greatly encouraged to see who God hand-picks for these times.

These were some of the key prayers/themes that popped up through the evening:

  • Through all of our efforts of service and relationship, Jesus would be what people see and ultimately set their hearts upon.
  • That the whole community would be included and touched by the efforts of MSM, the church, and individual members of the Body of Christ.  So often, large portions of communities are missed/left out because the focus of ministries are only targeting one group of people.
  • Unity among the churches in this area would continue to grow- becoming more and more like the Body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12)
  • We need to learn Spanish!
  • That the Lord would give extra creativity as we pray and brainstorm ideas to seek out the lost and broken.
  • That our hearts would stay humble and teachable
  • That MSM would not be tempted to sensationalize but keep things simple and authentic.
  • Volunteers would find peace and joy as they serve and spend time with Mustard Seed Ministries.
  • That the food pantry would remain filled and useful for this community.  (As I write, Andy and our friend, Paul, are building the walls and shelving in our garage!)
  • That the Coulombe family would continue to serve together, including our children in ministering the love of Jesus to whoever we meet.

Thank you all for continuing your prayers for this small family ministry.  There have been moments recently when we wish we were back on the road in Big Buster, especially when we are battling the sometimes very clausterphobic feeling of suburbia.  However, we know that our Father has placed us here to continue the good work He has started in this community, and our family.  We ask for prayers of perseverance and faith, as the Lord develops our character.  And that Jesus stays in the forefront of our minds so that all other things fade away.

One step at a time!


2 Responses

  1. PTL,
    I will pray with you for the Food Pantry and MSM!
    Glad that you are finding direction!

  2. I am blessed to see the Lord move through you guys! Do not loose heart! press on toward the goal! You will see His power in the simple acts of love you do in His name!

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