Big Buster is in the market for a new owner

So, after much prayer as well as working through a lot of emotional attachment we have decided to sell Big Buster.  In a weird kind of way Big Buster is kinda part of our family.  He was with us in thick and thin, he gave us shelter, warmth, coolness, and freedom.  Most importantly, he allowed us to reach out to the least of these on our journey and follow God’s call on our lives.

Seren's Fam Hits the Road

We bought him back in May 2008 for $23,000.  Although to many of you who followed us it seemed like all we did was fix him, he really did quite well on the trip and other than a few issues (mainly tires and a bad transmission computer that only intermittently reared it’s ugly head) it was a great RV and did all that we asked of it.  We put about $10,000 into him over the year: $1,200 in new tires, $400 in front brakes, $250 in front barrings, $3,500 in replacing the transmission ECU (main computer), $4,000 in converting the fuel system into running on both diesel and vegetable oil, as well as miscellaneous repairs.

Our asking price is $25,000.


There are so many things to list about Big Buster, and this really isn’t the best place to do it.  If you have any questions click on the “contact” link above and email either Serenity or I.


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  1. Am praying for this process. It needs to run and you need a buyer.

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