Big Buster, tape, mud, and Spanish

We wanted to give a brief update on what has happened in the last couple weeks…related to “ministry”.

1) We have found a lovely little spot to place Big Buster!  He will be parked close by, in Woodburn, so that we can get a few things taken care of before we officially put him up for sale.  Thank you to our friends who have blessed us with valuable space on their property!

2) HOWEVER…Big Buster is unfortunately stuck up in Ridgefield, WA.  He will not start.  We are praying and beginning the search for a good diesel mechanic.  Any ideas???

3) Andy and good friend Aaron Chaffee taped and mudded the drywall in the food pantry today!  Next will be shelving and stocking it with food!

4) Someone has generously given us a Spanish, cd and workbook, set!  Praise the Lord!

Blessed be His name…no matter what the situation!


2 Responses

  1. Amen! I hope you guys are blessed as you do His will. It is so cool to what you guys are doing. I pray are paths cross again!

  2. I am praying–for mechanic or miraculous start–whichever comes first–and then a new owner to buzz ya and take BB off your hands!

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