More miracles!

In memory of Brian HaischWe have recently recieved a couple donations towards the Mustard Seed Ministry food sharing pantry.  This above picture is a large load of non-perishables that were donated in memory of Brian Haisch, a childhood friend of mine who just passed a couple weeks ago.  The Haisch family decided to put the money (that would have gone to flowers for the memorial) towards food that would help others in need.  We are honored and inspired to be blessed with this.  Thank you Keith and Leo!

Tigard Community Friends ChurchAbove is yet, another food pantry donation!  Tigard Community Friends Church held a talent show and gathered many items from the attendants for a gift specifically designated to Mustard Seed Ministries.  Thank you TCFC!  We are so encouraged by the support and love you have shown our family and ministry.

Andy has also been asked to speak, on Nov. 18, at a Woodburn High School assembly!!!  He will be sharing many stories from our travels as well as the vision of ministry here in Hubbard.  This is a HUGE miracle!  God has given Andy so many amazing opportunities to be the Light of Jesus at this high school.  Please be praying for him as he prepares for this.

These are awesome testimonies of how God has shown us His favor for this new season of Mustard Seed Ministries.  With all that we have been going through (adjustment to life NOT on wheels, Andy starting a new job, having a new baby, building the food pantry, getting sick, homeschool, car/RV problems and life in general) He continues to go before us, even if we are not ready.  Before we even have shelves in the pantry, we have food to begin stocking!  Without even asking, God has provided an unusual opportunity to communicate His Good News to a huge group of high school students!

We have had some time to pray more vision for Mustard Seed Ministries.  Our next activity will be taking a flier, our kids, and the little red wagon around the neighborhood to begin spreading the word and communicating to our little town of Hubbard, that we, the Coulombe family/Mustard Seed Ministries, are available.  That can mean many things….available to share food, a listening ear, prayer, discipleship, a ride to the grocery store, etc.

Please be praying with all of us as we seek His face, live Life, and love on our neighbors.


2 Responses

  1. What can one say…………………..WOW!

  2. So incredibly thankful for given the opportunity to see God’s provision and favor on what He has commissioned you guys to do for His glory. He is shining brightly! Love, Shelly

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