Jubilee Pantry

We came up with a name for the food pantry, the Jubilee Pantry.  You can read about the Jubilee in Leviticus 25, but a couple of key words that sum up this concept of the Jubilee are redistribution and reconciliation.

Our heart for this ministry is simply that.

Redistribution of what the Lord has blessed us with as well as others who donate.  And reconciliation, which is two fold, 1) reconciliation with God and 2) reconciliation with our neighbors.

We don’t want to simply be a para-church organization that distributes food to the needy.  We want to be known as that peculiar family down the street that gives food away, invites strangers inside and talks a lot about Jesus.  Many food distribution ministries unintentionally end up with a strange dichotomy of haves and have-nots, those serving and those being served.  As Clarence Jordon, founder of Koinonia Farm said, we want our home to be “a demonstration plot for the Kingdom of God”, not simply a place where folks come to get food.

This past week we built the first set of shelves out of some wood that was literally donated by God.  Then we had another donation of $300 that was designated specifically for shelving.  Yesterday we had some high school kids come over and volunteer their time putting the shelving together.  We could still use two more shelving units on the interior wall side, but for the most part we are in business: we have more shelving than we do canned food!   Serenity is going to paint Fritz Eichenberg’s Jesus in the Breadline on the interior wall, she is an amazing artist, and I’m really excited to see how it turns out.

The next step is to develop a sustainable model for consistently filling the Jubliee Pantry with food that folks in the community truly need.  This would include developing relationships with local churches and schools, with grocery stores and farms.  Connecting with leadership and community development groups and determining how we can help each other.

So we continue to progress, both in the flesh and philosophically.  Here are a few photos of yesterday’s work crew.


4 Responses

  1. Nice work guys!

  2. Beautiful, in lots of ways. With you in spirit, looking forward to seeing it with my own eyes one day.

  3. I can’t wait to see it! See you soon.

  4. Jesus in the Breadline is one of my faves as well. 🙂

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