New Year’s Day

Thank you for your many prayers, encouragement and support of our New Year’s Day party! We had a blast! 10 men were picked up from downtown Portland and taken to our home in Hubbard. We (servants and guests) watched the Rose Bowl together, ate lots of food, played games, and opened up the showers for our guests. Our neighbor laundered clothing all day while other neighbors and friends provided food and other necessities for the event. This was a team effort.

As always, we feel more blessed, honored and loved after taking this opportunity to show God’s love in tangible ways. Tiny, seemingly insignificant seeds are what grows the Kingdom. He is real, He is moving, and His love is growing like a crazy mustard plant.

May we continue to love our humble, servant King in ways He loves us.
Pictures and more to come….


2 Responses

  1. AWESOME : ) Our God is a Great and Mighty God…. can you hear us cheering all the way from Virginia?!?!? So wish we could have joined you that day…. love you ~

  2. YES YES AND YES SOME MORE GOD!! I LOVE JESUS in you guys. Makes me want to cry. I was praying the whole day for the Love of God to flood the house. He loves answering that prayer. Praying for you all,

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