Recreational reading

This is what Andy will be reading before bed most nights.  I am letting him take the reigns on this one. 🙂

We have decided to pursue this venture of attaining non-profit status for Mustard Seed Ministries.  It is a big step and we have no idea how long it will take but we’re going for it!  We will take it one step at a time and let God move His mountains.  Please pray that we would flow with God’s timing in this.

Pray for our family as things have definitely ramped up in preparation of the food pantry.  Andy has been encouraged as he has met with more pastors in the area this week.  God continues to be moving and stirring the hearts of many around here.  Connections have been dropped in our laps and folks are already wanting to volunteer their time and resources.  Pray also that the Lord would be the one to determine our methods, details and organization of distribution.  Relationship in Love and Mercy is why we do this, not just to hand out food.

Our approximate timing to open Jubilee Food Pantry is still late spring/early summer.  We will keep the updates coming!

And last but not least, to answer the question about the new sign above the door in the pantry…..I did not paint that.  Loren Traister at Canby Sign and Graphics graciously donated this beautiful sign.  Thank you Loren!


A few happenings

Some goings on with Mustard Seed Ministries and the Jubilee Food Pantry:

1) A lay-down freezer was donated this past week.  The plan is to fill it with some organically grown chickens from Inspiration Plantation as well as some popsicle for the neighborhood kids.

2) I have 5 appointments with local pastors for Monday and Tuesday next week.  I will be meeting with them personally and attempting to . . .

3) develop a deeper relationship with 8 local churches who will be “covenant churches.”  These churches will commit to praying regularly for the Jubilee Pantry, as well as collect non-perishables once every 8 weeks for the JP.

Please pray with us that His Spirit will continue to use MSM to bring His Kingdom here, to our community.