Radio Movimiento

It is amazing how the Lord continues to work on our behalf.  Last week a colleague of mine approached me and thought it would be a good idea to get our message and what the JFP has to offer out on the local airwaves.  Agreeing, but wondering exactly how she planned to do this, she said, “we are going down to PCUN (Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste or Northwest Treeplanters and Farmworkers United, the local farm-workers union) right now, can we tell them about you and see if they will do an interview on their affiliated local Spanish radio station?”  An hour or so later my colleague returned and told us that we had an interview from 6-7pm on Monday and her friend Hector would translate for us.

“Radio Movimiento” (Movement Radio) with the sloga “La Voz del Pueblo” (The Voice of the People) broadcasts in a 10 mile radius around Woodburn reaching a significant number of Latinos in the area.  It is a progressive radio station with the objective to give a voice to the many who do not have the opportunity to share their voice with others.  As there website says: “Simply giving voice combats oppression and discrimination by lending legitimacy and breaking the silence, while building self-confidence, self-esteem and developing valuable skills.”

The Old Testament has numerous texts about how people should treat immigrants or “sojourners” or “aliens” in their country, but sometimes the Old Testament is tough to grasp since it also tells us that we can’t wear shirts that are mixed fibers.  Simply said, the OT tells us that we should embrace and love immigrants.  If that isn’t enough though, it is pretty clear that Jesus taught the same thing.  Jesus ushered in a brand new Kingdom, one that transcends geographical borders.  As disciples of Christ, our brothers and sisters live in Iraq, Mozambique, France, India, Brazil and Mexico.  Our brothers and sisters are sprinkled all over this planet, and some of them may even be illegal immigrants in this current empire.  We are simply called to love.

We are encouraged by how the Lord has given us this opportunity.  Pray that our words are clear and that a message of equality and love through Jesus Christ flow from the airways next week.  Better yet, pray that the Holy Spirit fills us and that our words come out in Spanish!


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  1. This is awesome news guys. I love to see the doors that open when the Lord is involved. How amazing a radio spot will be, multiplying the efforts of word of mouth so much quicker.

    I will be praying,

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